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In 2002 our family business TJ Oyster Bar opened it’s doors as a small taco shop in Bonita California. What first started as a family business with a “taco shop” feel, rapidly grew and is now known for our delicious fish tacos which are well known along the coast of Baja California. We wanted to bring the delicious Baja seafood taste to Southern California residents for an affordable price and a familiar taste and atmosphere.

Our authentic flavor and “Baja Style” seafood has positioned us to be recognized by Zagat, San Diego Tribune amongst other food channels, bloggers and alike. Our customers experience traditional seafood with a new modern take all without having to cross the border.

Thanks to the success that our first location in 4246 Bonita Road brought, we were able to expand to a second location in 4410 Bonita Rd. Our second location provided the same great taste with a more modern and casual restaurant feel. Our rustic turquoise decor allows customers  that baja fishing boat feel which ultimately makes the perfect combination of delicious food and relaxed ambience. Just like our first location, our second location brought more success and recognition allowing us to participate in San Diego’s Taco Fest for our renowned fish tacos. In 2014 It was time to expand to our third location in East Palomar Chula Vista. This third location became a combination of our first two locations with a similar turquoise decor as the restaurant but the fast service of a “taco shop” like our first location.

As a restaurant we pride ourselves in serving fresh flavorful seafood and providing the well known traditional baja seafood with a new take like Smoked Tuna Fries and Machaca Style Stingray. Our bar serves wine from Valle de Guadalupe and local craft beer.

We hope to continue serving our community with fresh seafood we are known for. In the future we wish to grow in other communities while keeping the same great taste and service we are known for.


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